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At Learn Conmigo we are dedicated to help your child fall in love with learning through play and exploration. We offer a variety of educational boxes in English and Spanish that are filled with hands on activities, literature and crafts that are guaranteed to keep your child engaged.

Our Mission


We are passionate about reading and developing voracious readers. Each of our boxes is accompanied by a book that ties into the theme of the box and deepens the child's learning experience. The books are engaging, age appropriate and a great family activity.

My son is a dinosaur loving kiddo and this box was absolutely perfect for him. I love the hands on learning where he can explore and dig up the dinosaurs. The book is perfect as well! It has so many fun and creative activities for him. I love that he gets to practice a variety of skills while also having a blast! As a teacher, I know that making learning fun from a young age is setting him up for success!


My son loved his dinosaur box, he said it was the coolest thing ever. He still uses his book and learns about dinosaurs too.